Jakq subbed

Isso mesmo! O que houve? Encham o copo de Fanta. Warera Supaa Sentai. E o que aconteceu com o Janperson? Desculpe pelo atraso Obrigado pelo apoio! Valeu, pessoal! Inclusive, temos membros em comuns com eles. Que legal! Adorei a iniciativa, boa sorte pelo caminho. Obrigado pelo incentivo, Ale. Eu entendo! Culpa desta droga de sociedade que nos obriga a trabalhar, estudar e ter vida social.

Hontoni arigatou.

jakq subbed

Existe a possibilidade de vcs legendarem Dynaman? Gostaria muito! Raws: Bunny Hat. Filipe domingo, 26 de abril de BRT. Clock Up quarta-feira, 20 de maio de BRT. Ale quinta-feira, 21 de maio de BRT.

Clock Up quinta-feira, 21 de maio de BRT.Thank you for subbing this series i've been waiting to see it for a long time so I could see how sentai began. But are they really. At their current rate of release of two episodes every three years it will take them 40 years to finish.

So, at what point is it no longer selfish for another subbing group to pick up the project so the wider community can finally watch it? If it happens, we'll let you all know.

JAKQ Dengekitai Sub Indo

Denziman is far from being "pristinely unsubbed". At least three groups have worked in this series in the past. Currently, we have Berndadelta and QaD subs on it. They might be on some kind of hiatus, but we haven't heard anything about the show being dropped.

The other members of Rampage trust that, in spite of whatever troubles we, LxC, had that have been stalling our progress will eventually be solved and the show will be subbed. This is not them being "unselfish", this is them trusting us to do our work. Now, if that is not enough for you, or if you're unhappy with our pace, please feel free to try your own hand at subbing the show. I'd very much like to see your version of it :. Is it just me or was there really two lines that were blocked by the subs of another line?

What part are you talking about and which one are you using, hardsub or softsub? Is the line at supposed to read as "Do you intent do disregard my orders? Our softsubs are best watched using MPC.

Also, make sure to have your codec pack up to date. Yeah, it's best not to use players that Windows defaults or anything of the sort.

I use VLC as well. MEGA does that sometimes. Thanks for the heads up. The episode has been reuploaded. Thank you for all the effort you've put into this! Im so happy to see this classic finally being completely subbed!There are some edits, but they are very minor.

You can decide whether you want to re-download them when you open your torrent client by checking or unchecking each episode. Minor, I know. I really should proofread the song lyrics better before I start, ugh.

jakq subbed

I really enjoyed subbing a super sentai series fun with subtitle colors! I mean no disrespect to Grown Ups in Spandex whatsoever. Much, much respect for them. I understand that life gets in the way of subbing.

However, they announced the project in and have only released 12 episodes and the movie. I will be starting the series from episode 1 and releasing in batches of 10 episodes for a total of The movie will come with the first batch, as it was released along with episode 3. Like Like. On a side note that comes with a big spoiler alert. No, it was not explained at all.

OK, so all we have to go off of are basely fan theories for how Iron Claw survived? I got two theories for how Iron Claw survived the ending to the series. Q is fully subbed. Like Liked by 1 person. Cause GUIS subbed a few episodes of it too or are you plannimg to sub it??? If someone has done an actual translation, then the wiki needs updating. Wandering Moonbeams is active with Turboranger. They put out a batch of episodes back at the end of May, so I expect they will finish it.

Been enjoying Jirayia at the moment. Nice catchy theme song that gets stuck in your head. Thank you so much for all that you do!So, hats off to all of you!

JAKQ Dengekitai Episode 2

The first episode actually seemed pretty solid, so one has to wonder why this show was inevitably cancelled. Anyway, we really hope that you enjoy our work, and please look forward to the rest of the series! You know, this is the most difficult task for me. I like their costumes, though.

And after a little, they all are actually very nice. So I will do my best in translating. But if you had came with Battle Fever, I probably would have rejected you :.

For free! Nuclear power does not use electrons, it is as the name suggests, to do with the nucleus of the atom. Only time electrons get involved is when they end up in the nucleus. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. Incidentally, I think I recall seeing you mention something about you guys doing Flashman at some point… Is this true? I want more Turbo, too! I hope that you enjoy, though! At least they focus more than the Skaro Hunting Society.

So happy you guys picked this show up! I had to watch it immediately the moment I heard. Excited for episode 2! A Jack episode I presume? Si, the next episode is indeed Jack focused. Q…that is an…interesting series. The series actually starts off with ambition but…it just goes all over the place. Its a bit more complicated than that. If I were to explain J. I remember some reviewers like JewWario saying they seemed to prefer the Big One stuff but I honestly prefer the early parts of the series.

I think the appeal of Big One is more due to his actor and his past work; plus for him this is more or less just having fun.Hey Chris.

If you could seed exceedraft please that would help me so much. Congratulations and thank you Bunny for your work Who would have the Jetman series in raw? Robokon, Do Your Best!! Robokon, Burn!! Robocon -??? I am willing to translate Denjiman. Can you provide the subs from the DVD?

jakq subbed

The only exceptions tend to be movies. Good day! Please consider a Mega folder for torrents with low seeds. Your V3 link is long dead. I tried to find some subs and raws and only found 2 episodes. DVD-sourced widescreen video is anamorphic. If you want to use these for any subbing or scrubbing project, feel free. Though don't sell them, because only horrible monsters sell fansubs and raws If you have a request, I may be able to fill it, provided you have DVD isos, and it's not a terrible transfer like Timeranger.

jakq subbed

Email This BlogThis! Unknown January 17, at PM.

JAKQ Dengekitai 1-35 + vs. Goranger Movie batch released!

Unknown January 18, at AM. Erricane February 9, at AM. Unknown March 14, at AM.The Critical Moment! Gekij ou Bang!! Like Like. Like Liked by 2 people. Like Liked by 1 person. You guys got sooo lucky. Apparently I bookmarked this forever ago and forgot about it. And thankfully the link still works. Okay, seriously — does it ever get boring, being that superbly awesome? Thank you so much!

I have the dvd of the Toku Spider-Man series. As well as some old. I like keeping multiple format copies just in case when possible. Glad I could help! Maybe consider encoding some. Making softsubs of the Supaidaa Man translations onto better quality raws may be a good opportunity for someone new to get into fansubbing.

If I can find enough time to sit and rip and encode the discs, I will. Watched Episode 1; looks and feels just like a cross between a vintage KR and a vintage Sentai series. Please, and thanks very much. These are all brilliant! Thank you for so much info. Do you mean likeee… Eras? Because that usually just comes down to personal preference.

Like multiple fan groups working on the same episodes of the same series but independently. Actually, not at all. AVI files that used blurry looking television broadcast footage as raws. Food for thought. Pretty much every good group will see their projects through from beginning to end.

Please keep in mind that this is a hobby, and that we take pride in our work and our choice of shows n-n. Is anyone aware of the difference between the episode versions of Goranger, JAKQ, and Flashman and the movie versions?

The only real difference is the Flashman movies. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Just a typo, guys. The remainder. And since G. You know, from that Goggle V show? Back again, with Goggle V Episode 2 v2 and Episode 12!Confesso que trabalhar com Goranger tem sido um dos meus maiores prazeres ultimamente. Obrigado pelo aviso Alex! Ah, e valeu pelo incentivo!! Gostaria de avisar que o ep. Primeiramente, muito obrigado pelo incentivo.

E foi ela que me motivou buscar Goranger e estou muito feliz de ter encontrado esse blog! Valeu mesmo galera! Muito obrigado! Fala, Gleidson, meu querido! Bom dia Marina! Valeu mesmo, galera! Primeiramente, obrigado pelo apoio. Desculpe o transtorno, Marina. Pode baixar agora. Desculpe mais uma vez. Esse problema ocorreu no 12 e no 13 porque eles foram upados no mesmo dia. Falha nossa E ai pessoal da Rampage-subs, fala blz? Nossa, encontrar um grupo disposto a fazer o primeiro sentai? Boa noite, Hei, obrigado pelo apoio.

Opa, e ai Clock Up! Obrigado pela resposta! No caso de http, pode dar erro e se perder alguns kb Vlw pessoal e continuem com o excelente trabalho! Obrigado, Hiei! O que aconteceu com o projeto? Marina, primeiramente, muito obrigado pelo apoio e pelo interesse. Mais uma vez, muito obrigado. Oba, fico muito feliz com sua resposta Charles! Primeiramente, muito obrigado pelo interesse.

Mas, quem sabe algo inesperado acontece e conseguimos antecipar? Enfim, mesmo que demore, fique tranquilo: faremos JAKQ.

(Super Sentai) J.A.K.Q Dengekitai opening 2 (1977)

Opa, valeu pela resposta Charles! E continue nos acompanhando que te muita coisa boa pra vir. Ainda assim, obrigado. Assim, todos saem satisfeitos. Isso vai depender. Obviamente, o 46 vem depois, provavelmente na outra semana. Qual a desculpa? Tivemos problemas diversos que atrasaram tudo.


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