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Founded init is one of the youngest of America's major steel companies. The company's initial public offering occurred in It quickly grew to become one of the premier carbon steel producers in the United States. Steel Dynamics' historic growth is a combination of organic capacity greenfield additions and strategic acquisitions. By adding upstream assets that provide raw materials needed to produce high quality steel at each of its mills, and bridging downstream assets that fabricate a variety of high quality steel products, Steel Dynamics has both broadened its product portfolio and expanded its market diversity.

As the company's steelmaking capacity grew and it introduced new products to the market, the company began delivering strong earnings. SDI's Value Steel Dynamics remains at the top of its peer group, delivering superior financial performance. The company's competitive strengths include: low cost operations; diversified, value-added product portfolio; vertically connected operating platforms; sustainable performance through the cycle; strong capital structure -- and most importantly, a superior, unique company culture driven by a performance-based compensation system that attracts and retains highly-talented and motivated employees.

Steel Dynamics, Inc. Additional financial information and links to the company's regulatory filings are available in this Investor section. All rights reserved. Steel Dynamics remains at the top of its peer group, delivering superior financial performance.Copy embed code:. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. URL: Copy. Presentation Description No description available.

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All inquiries should be emailed to rightsnewagepublishers. The increased uses of digital technology in objects used for day-to-day life necessitate an in-depth knowledge of the subject for the professionals and engineers.

There are lots of references available on Switching Theory and Basic Digital Circuits which discuss various topics separately. But through this text our notion was to discover the topics rather than to cover them.

This comprehensive text fulfills the course requirement on the subject of Switching Theory and Logic Design for B. Tech degree course in Electronics Engineering of different technical Universities. This text is also bound to serve as a useful reference book for various competitive examinations. There is no special pre-requisite before starting this book. Each chapter of the book starts with simple facts and concepts and traverse through the examples figures it uncovers the advanced topics.

The book has 11 well-organized chapters. Chapter 1 deals with number systems and their arithmetic. It includes an exhaustive set of solved examples and exercise to clarify the concepts. Chapter 2 introduces the basic building blocks of digital electronics. It starts with basic postulates Boolean algebra and then introduces logic gates.STLC involves both verification and validation activities. It consists of a series of activities carried out methodologically to help certify your software product.

What is Entry and Exit Criteria? Entry Criteria: Entry Criteria gives the prerequisite items that must be completed before testing can begin. But practically this is not always possible.

So for this tutorial, we will focus on activities and deliverables for the different stages in STLC life cycle. Let's look into them in detail. Requirement Analysis During this phase, test team studies the requirements from a testing point of view to identify the testable requirements.

Activities Identify types of tests to be performed. Gather details about testing priorities and focus. Identify test environment details where testing is supposed to be carried out. Automation feasibility analysis if required. Deliverables RTM Automation feasibility report. In this phase, Test Strategy is also determined. Effort estimation document. Test environment set-up is one of the critical aspects of testing process and can be done in parallel with Test Case Development Stage.

Activities Understand the required architecture, environment set-up and prepare hardware and software requirement list for the Test Environment. Setup test Environment and test data Perform smoke test on the build Deliverables Environment ready with test data set up Smoke Test Results.

Test Execution During this phase, the testers will carry out the testing based on the test plans and the test cases prepared. Bugs will be reported back to the development team for correction and retesting will be performed. Activities Execute tests as per plan Document test results, and log defects for failed cases Map defects to test cases in RTM Retest the Defect fixes Track the defects to closure Deliverables Completed RTM with the execution status Test cases updated with results Defect reports Test Cycle Closure Testing team will meet, discuss and analyze testing artifacts to identify strategies that have to be implemented in the future, taking lessons from the current test cycle.

The idea is to remove the process bottlenecks for future test cycles and share best practices for any similar projects in the future.

Document the learning out of the project Prepare Test closure report Qualitative and quantitative reporting of quality of the work product to the customer. Test result analysis to find out the defect distribution by type and severity. Application architectural document available. Analyse business functionality to know the business modules and module specific functionalities.

Identify all transactions in the modules. Identify all the user profiles. Identify types of tests to be performed. Test automation feasibility document. Effort estimation document signed off. Test result analysis to find out the defect distribution by type and severity Test Closure report signed off by client Test Closure report Test metrics. What is MVC Framework? Code coverage is an important measure that quantifies the degree to which the source code of theI have clarified my doubts through this.

stld ppt

Everyone will benefit and thankyou so much for this article. Maini DLD by Ashish kumar.

Fundamentals of Boolean Algebra

Rules for binary addition …. Binary Subtraction:. It consists of two steps, which are repeated for each column of the numbers. The first step is to determine if it is necessary to borrow. If the subtrahend the lower digit is larger than the minuend the upper digitit is necessary to borrow from the column to the left.

It is important to note here that the valued borrowed depends upon the base of the number and is always the decimal equivalent of the base. Thus, in decimal, 10 is borrowed; in binary, 2 is borrowed; in octal, 8 is borrowed; in hexadecimal, 16 is borrowed.

Switching Theory And Logic Design| CS203 | Study Materials

The second step is to simply to subtract the lower value from the upper value. The complete table for binary subtraction is as follows:. Rules for binary subtraction …. Binary Multiplication:. Multiplication in the binary system also follows the same general rules as decimal multiplication.

Digital Logic Circuits STLD Viva Interview Short Questions Answers PDF

However, learning the binary multiplication is a trivial task become the table for binary multiplication is very short, with only four entries instead of the necessary for decimal multiplication. The complete table for binary multiplication is as follows :. Ex 1 : Multiply the binary numbers and Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.You can manage your stock email alerts here. The lowest was 0. And the median was All numbers are in their local exchange's currency. EPS Basic is a rough measurement of the amount of a company's profit that can be allocated to one share of its stock. Basic earnings per share EPS do not factor in the dilutive effects on convertible securities. EPS is the single most important variable used by Wall Street in determining the earnings power of a company.

But investors need to be aware that Earnings per Share can be easily manipulated by adjusting depreciation and amortization rate or non-recurring items. Compared with Earnings per share, a company's cash flow is better indicator of the company's earnings power. If a company's earnings per share is less than cash flow per share over long term, investors need to be cautious and find out why.

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Stld Notes Unit-2

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Switch to:. Start your Free Trial. Be Aware Compared with Earnings per share, a company's cash flow is better indicator of the company's earnings power. Learn More. All Rights Reserved.Prepared by : Prof.

Thus, every switching function is not realizable by a single threshold element Prepared by : Prof. If a function is realizable using a single threshold element, then by an appropriate choice of complemented and uncomplemented input variables: a realization with any sign distribution is possible. Corollary: If a function is realizable by a single threshold element, then it is realizable by an element with only positive weights. A two variable function can be represented by a plane.

A three variable function can be represented by a cube. A four variable function can be represented by a cube inside other cube. The requirement in all the above representations is - any two side by side vertices should differ by one bit change only.

If we mark the true vertices and the false vertices on the Geometric representation, and if all true vertices can be separated from the false vertices by a line on a plane or by a plane in a cube, then that function is known as linearly separable and it can be implemented by a Threshold function.

Separable15 Linearly separable and implementable. Three variable functions a cube :. Four variable function a cube in another cube. Theorem 2: Every threshold function is unate. But every Unate function is not Threshold function. If g is not a threshold function, then neither is f.

Switching Theory and Logic Design Important Questions

Test the given function f for unateness. If it is unate, convert it into another function g that is positive in all its variables. Find all minimal true and maximal false vertices of g 4. Minimal true vertices: 1,1,1,00,1,1,1 ; Maximal false vertices: 1,1,0,11,0,1,10,1,1,0 4. Procedure: 1. Start with a multi-output algebraically-factored switching network G 2. Terminate procedure when all the nodes in G are 25 mapped to threshold nodes Prepared by : Prof.So far we have only considered circuits where the output is purely a function of the inputs With sequential circuits the output is a function of the values of past and present inputs A X.

Clocks send out a series of pulses, where the signal alternates between high and low Ideally, a clock signal will look like a square wave Rising Clock Edge High Falling Clock Edge.

The clock is used to trigger these discrete events Clock triggers can be: Rising Falling Clock Clock. The data D input to the flip-flop is entered during a clock transition from either high-tolow or low-to-high i. When R and S now go inactive 0, both inputs at both gates are 0 and both gates output a 1. This 1 fedback to the inputs drives the outputs to 0, again both inputs are 0 and so on and so on and so on and so on.

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stld ppt

Search inside document. Stored value can be changed only at certain times determined by a clock input. Setup Data time: on inputs D must be held steady for at least this time before the clock changes. Hold Data time: on inputs D must be held steady for at least this time after the clock changes. Mohammed Riyazuddin. Arun Dasari. Mickey Singh. Pratik Agrawal. Akram AWasim. Manoj Kumar G. Mayur Chotaliya. Saurabh Porwal. Bryan Adversalo. Lal Raj.

stld ppt


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